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Carpe Diem Baby
1998 - Markers and Correction Fluid on Paper

Here's an early piece I made with gold spray paint, marker pens, and "liquid paper." I had been using correctional fluid since my fanzine days in high school, and it's been a steady weapon in my arsenal ever since. The gold spray paint was actually a birthday present from a friend; this is another tool I've enjoyed working with over the years. Hmm...maybe I should call this my "Kinko's" period. Oh, and the title is from Metallica's song from the Re-Load album, but y'all knew that.

Unfortunately, the original painting is no longer available. Back in 1998, I managed to exhibit some artwork in a Minneapolis coffeeshop called The Laughing Cup. The owner took ten paintings and promised to hang them up. Unfortunately, she never got around to doing that. First, she was "too busy," then the coffeeshop was being remodeled, then...the store changed owners. Guess where all my artwork went?

That's right, the original owner ran off with the whole lot. Maybe she was hoping to sell the loot on the black market or something. Needless to say, all ten originals are lost, and while I have both slides and reprints of all pieces, it's no better than if you copied the above picture and printed it from your computer.

Of course, if you want to steal these JPEGs, then go right ahead. File-share away...ya greedy little bastards.