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Admiral Baby - click for closeup

Admiral Baby B-Side - click for closeup

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Admiral Baby
1999 - Acrylics and Correction Fluid on Paper

I think that I got the name "Admiral Baby" from an episode of The Simpsons. Naturally, there's more Simpson's gags on the b-side, as well as some Albert Albee quotes and various quips. I had just caught a performance of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wollfe," starring Patrick Stewart (it was a special project of his that was sidelined for over a decade when "Star Trek" came calling), at the Gutherie Theatre in Minneapolis. So that's where the Albee thing comes from.

I really like this painting. I started becoming more violent and destructive with my artwork around this time, and this in turn led to the Watercolor on Canvas paintings. There was more of an attempt to allow more open space on the paper and keep the action to one or two colors. And it all flows so well; oh, how I hate sitting still.