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Restless Soul - click for closeup

B-Side - click for closeup before George W. and Jeb Bush steal another election!

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Restless Soul
1999 - Acrylics and Markers on Canvas

Somewhere on the b-side, I put down a chord progression I came up with a while ago. How I discovered this, I'll never know. By all means, look it up and play around; if you manage to make any songs from it, be sure to let me know.

Now, Restless Soul is as much a Rorshach test as anything I've ever done. Maybe I should leave the interpretations to all the psychologists in the audience. It's a good, violent mess; not unlike life itself.

The message I wrote on the back is one of the times I wrote messages on the back. The idea for a b-side to a painting, like the b-side to a record single, evolved from here. Some time later, I added the marker artwork and the gold tags (with those guitar chords) and the stuff on the stretcher bars. Originally, I envisioned artwork that consisted of nothing but words. People would go to galleries and read the words on the canvases instead of looking at pictures. It's the ultimate abstract art. If that sounds unusual, simply look at any web site. Look at the way the pages are arranged.