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Alive in the Superunknown
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

Fans of Soundgarden will recognize the title, taken from the band's classic 1994 album. 1994 is one of the great years for rock and pop music, much like 1966 and 1977 and 1991. Very rarely, you get a year where the music world shifts, and every record that comes out is pure gold. The rest of the time, most everything sucks.

I know I've said this about a few of my works, but this one really is one of my absolute favorites. When I imagined my paintings hanging in the museums one day, something like this comes to mind. I don't know if I can really put it into words, of try to dissect why I enjoy Superunknown. Maybe it's just that, by this point, I was creating art that was more visually complex and challenging. The subdued greens and browns, matched with the aggressive darting of the liquid paper, evokes the spirit of the great abstract paintings of the 20th Century. But, yet, it's different. Whatever.