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Horse Feathers - click for closeup

B-Side - click for closeup...a college widow stood for something in those days...in fact, she stood for plenty

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Horse Feathers
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

Horse Feathers is named after the great 1932 Marx Brothers movie, one of my favorite comedies. I was following my own pattern of naming artwork after music, movies, and books that I was enjoying at the time. These titles weren't necessarily representing the paintings themselves; you could just as well shuffle all the names around without missing a beat.

I was very much against the tradition of leaving abstract paintings untitled, or leaving the titles abstract as well (think Jackson Pollack).

On to the painting. I was aiming for something with subtle streaks of color layered around the dominant green tones. Perhaps a more organic version of Alive in the Superunknown. I was playing The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo 64 (just about the best game ever made), and loved the colors and visual style. Add in some melted crayons (some rather large crayons), and Liquid Paper, and you have the finished painting.

The B-Side isn't as rich as some of the other ones, if only because I couldn't find anything interesting to write about. Imagine that.