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Palisade Head at Sunset
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

Palisade Head is located on the north shore of Lake Superior, just north of Duluth, which is where I originally hail from; great location, wonderful environment that has miraculously evaded destruction by human hands. That's probably because hardly anyone lives there, and hardly anyone wants to spend their lives wasting away after graduating high school.

This was one of the moodier and prettier paintings in the series. It was painted just after Alive in the Superunknown, so that probably explains the color scheme. That was something I was impressed with; I also felt satisfaction for not making another splatter painting with Liquid Paper all over the place like Jackson Pollack at at Metallica concert.

I wish I had painted more like this. I'm reminded of the great Japanese paintings, scattered with haikus in the corners. Who knows? I may end up doing that at some point in the future.