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Rhythm in Your Soul - click for closeup

B-Side - click for closeup

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Rhythm in Your Soul
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

I think I made this painting because I wanted something red. There hadn't been any red paintings in a while, so I decided to fix that quick with a nice little painting. It's a fairly basic piece, but there's a certain character that shines through; you've probably noticed that I have a penchant for making things look crowded and complicated. Sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes it's not. Simplicity and sticking to the basics are good traits, and when the basic ingredients come together, everything just gels.

The back side was scribbled together one day, and then left alone for a number of months. Eventually, I found some ideas, grabbed a red pencil (courtesy of the local art supply store), and colored the piece in. This is just about the perfect complimentary B-Side, one that has the same feel as the main work, but carries its own style and vibe.

It all fits in with my own way of mixing music and graffiti art and various abstract artists like Miro and Mondrian and Pollack and Rouault and Kandinski. When I wasn't painting or screwing around, I was pouring through as many art history books I could find, looking for inspiration and fresh ideas. Ideas that haven't already been beaten to death decades ago.

Both works on display here are the perfect example of that.