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Seasons of Change
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

I keep thinking that this painting was supposed to be called "Change of Seasons," but the final title just sounds better, if in that sort-of poetic abstract thing. Whatever.

This piece was completed alongside Rhythm in Your Soul, and oftentimes I do this sort of thing, making completely different paintings after each other. I just don't like the idea of repeating myself, especially when it's in a style that I'm fairly accustomed to, as Rhythm clearly is.

Here, I wanted a lot of green tones and a lot of texture, to give off a sort of early Autumn feel. There isn't any Liquid Paper used at all, but there are scattered amounts of the gold spray paint and marker pens. Notice the gold patterns? I achieved that effect by spyaring the paint onto paper towels, and then pressing those towels onto the painting itself, much like a stamp. It's a technique I used a lot years back, and you can see it among the 1998 series. In many ways, Seasons was an attempt to bring that old look to a larger watercolor painting.

For the marker pens, there are some touches of yellow highlighter alongside the yellow paint, in order to make it brighter. Again, this is an older trick from the '98 Works.

The final effect looks nice. I think I even added some salt for added texture; I did that a lot for these watercolors, actually. It's one of those cheap painting tricks, but looks cool when it's done right.