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Spicy Asian Pork Burger
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

January 20, 2005

Spicy Asian Pork Burger represents, I think, the culmination of my watercolor paintings. It is an example of all the various elements - color tones, composition, speed and motion - coming together perfectly. My watercolor paintings were probably less consistent than the Acrylics were, but the acrylics missed the gambler's highs and lows. This painting is one of those highs.

The name, if memory serves, was pulled from a restaurant ad. It was one of those Uptown Minneapolis hangouts that tries to package "hip" and "cool." Whatever. Let me shake it down for you: Uptown is nowhere near as cool or hip as Prince made it out to be. The locals are typically aloof nerds who can't dress themselves. And not in that "I'm going to dress like Brittney Spears even though I'm 20 pounds overweight and look horribly desperate" style. I'm talking courdoroy and ugly sweaters and t-shirts you wore when you were 8 years old and Pac-Man was the newest fad. And, of course, you must have an enourmous attitude, act like a snob, and never laugh (or, well, react) to any of the movies you watch. You can't, gasp, have fun. That's for those, hmph, other people.

Anyone wanna buy me a one-way plane ticket? Anywhere? Please? Minnesota really, really sucks.