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The Unforgiven
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

The Unforgiven was named after one of the best songs from Metallica's Black Album. The song is a portrait of a man whose life is wasted trying to please others; he reflects on the end of his days and upon all the wasted opportunities. The Black Album was released in 1991, just as I was starting college; this was a song that resonated strongly with me, and Metallica had completely altered my worldview. Which, quite honestly, is what college is supposed to do.

This painting is fairly solid, and was one that I spent a lot of time to assemble. It feels, at looks, to me as a work in frustration. You can see the foreground shapes and Liquid Paper thrusts that aren't consistent, and the background is just mud. I think I was trying to recreate that magic in a bottle that Superunknown had, but it just never felt right. Wherever I May Roam is very similar, but that painting is a little more cosmic and impressed people more than this one.

This likely reflects my own perfectionism toward my own art, as I'm pretty critical at times. This is one of those situations that I would like to go back and fix, but "director's cut" paintings just don't work. Especially when you're dealing in watercolors.

Still, the green is nice. And the song is a classic, like most of the music released in 1991.