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Young Woman at the Beach
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

Finally (I've written a couple dozen commentaries today, and this is the last), here is something I don't do nearly enough: a portrait. Yesseree, none of that goofy absctract splatterpaint nonsense. This is the real deal.

I actually have a tremondous amount of respect for representational artists. It's quite challenging to capture real life, especially people. The human body is difficult mix of angles, lines, and curves to draw and paint. Which, largely, is why it has always been the staple of artists throughout history. Those, to my mind, are the real artists. If anything, I've tried to push abstract art up to their level. Whether or not I am actually succeeding shuold probably be left up to you. And any historians that I can successfully bribe.

This painting took a long time for me to practice, sketch, draw, and ultimately mix and paint. As such, considering the limits of my drawing talents (then and now), it's a terrific piece. Obviously, it isn't perfect, and the flaws are there if you want to look for them. But why are you here if you're only looking for flaws? Get a life.

Hope you enjoy. I keep threatening to draw portraits again one of these years, so who knows?