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The Pinball of the Dead

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Gameboy Advance

Rating: * * * *
the Pinball of the Dead - video game reviews
The Pinball of the Dead - screen shots - click for closeup

February 15, 2005

There isn't much that I can saw about Sega's Pinball of the Dead, except that it plays like a wonderfully vicious throwback to the great Devil's Crush, with more shine and sparkle than a Gameboy Advance game should ever be allowed to have. That this was a 2001 release is even more startling; these are some of the finest graphics in the handheld's entire library, with sterling, clear stereo sound.

It's another testament to the greatness the Sega has been conjuring since those lost glory days of the Dreamcast. A selection of three pinball boards, each with its own personality and requiring different strategies; loads of zombie monsters roaming the playfields, like a swarm of spiders that crashed your old pinball machine; numerous surprises, from the boss battles to that giant head under the manhole cover that looks like Kurt Cobain; Pinball of the Dead does everything so right I'm left wondering why so many video pinball games have been so bad. Has it really been this long since Devil's Crush? There really hasn't been a good pinball title since then (even Naxat couldn't top their masterpiece).

If I had to make do with only five or six games for this system, I'd almost immediately reach for Pinball of the Dead. Chances are you've already been playing this to death for the last three or four years; you don't need any extra needling from me. This is one of the Advance's very best games.

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