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Am I a Genius Yet? (2001)

Am I a Genius Yet?

Released in 2001

(note: this CD-ROM is only available for the PC.)


In the summer of 2001, I released my first commerical art album, Am I a Genius Yet? It features almost 100 paintings and drawings of my work from 1998 to 2001. Included are works on paper, acrylics, watercolors, model portraits, crayon drawings, and the first three watercanvas paintings.

Am I a Genius Yet?In addition to the pictures, over 30 pages of written material was included. Info about the different works offered insights. Also included were related articles, including "How to Write a Resignation Letter," "Raves," and a review of Daytona USA.

In 2002, I redesigned the album cover and layout, giving a more stylized look. This is the album cover you see on this page. All my copies of the original CD are long since sold.

I wanted Genius to be easily accessible for everyone. The paintings and writings were simply placed in their respective folders, which could be opened and viewed with a simple mouse click. Very basic, even for 2001, but that simplicity was also intended as an inspiration for other visual artists..

The album was also made available for sale in several music stores in Minneapolis. A featured interview on Minnesota Public Radio's Word of Mouth was warmly received.

I wanted a way for artists to show their work, to get around the traditional galleries and museums. That situation puts too much power into the hands of middlemen; gatekeepers who decide whose work will be shown and whose won't.

This simply isn't fair. Visual artists should have the same resources as indie rockers and self-published authors, and the greater public should have access to the arts without paying excessive prices for paintings and sculptures.

Her Name is JenniferAnyone with a CDROM burner and label-making software can create their own artist CD's. You can sell them at gallery shows, art fairs, and local businesses, and take control of your own career, making ArtDisc a simple alternative to hosting a website.

Track Listing

The Artist Statement
About the Paintings
Tales From the B-Side
Daytona USA
How to Write a Resignation Letter

1998 Works
Model Portraits
Curious George
Watercolors on Canvas