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Am I a Genius Yet? (2001)



From the ArtDisc release, Am I a Genius Yet?


When Rolling Stone finally gets around to it, they’ll hear my RAVES. Until then, here they are…at least as of July 2000. How long RS takes to ask me is uncertain.

Shigeru Miyamoto
He’s the only person in the realm of videogames that should be considered a creative genius. From Donkey Kong (’81) to Super Mario (’85) to Legend of Zelda (’87), he literally defined the medium itself. Super Mario 64 (’96) and Zelda 64 (’98) are still the finest games ever made.

The Simpsons
While the 1999-2000 season has lacked consistency, this has always been the best show on television and a searing satire on American culture. Worth a million laughs.

Brave New World
I was turned on to Huxley’s classic novel a couple years back, and absolutely loved it to death. As much a tirade against authoritarianism, this book is also a warning against the inevitable mediocrity of conformity.

Road Trips
Love ‘em to death, whether it’s for art fairs, or for writing assignments, or to play on a stage, or just for fun. I’m just a kinetic being. That doesn’t show up in my artwork, does it?

I grew up on Charlie Brown & Snoopy, and could identify with that kid who could never kick the football or win the respect of his peers. The movies were priceless, as well as the Saturday morning TV show. Finest comic ever.

Road Trip music
I once bought a CD boombox just to hear music on the road that I liked. The B-52’s “Roam”; Metallica’s Black Album; Patti Smith’s Gung-Ho; anything by Dylan or Springsteen or Neil Young; all the Lenny Kravitz stuff; some Rage; and maybe some Beatles and Zappa.

Frank Zappa
This is my current addiction of choice. After only a couple of months, I’ve managed to dig through a dozen Zappa albums, all of them fantastic. Hot Rats, …Money, Freak Out, Uncle Meat, …Play Yer Guitar, Yellow Shark, etc. Fantastic music, baby!

Chocolate Skim Milk
Quite possibly the finest beverage ever conceived. Even better than Orange Juice or Pina Coladas. The secret is that it goes well with anything. Cookies, rice, beans, chicken, Cocoa Puffs, you name it, chocolate milk works.

The Marx Bros.
Yeah, I’m a Marxist. Groucho, Chico, Zeppo, and Harpo. Love ‘em all. I think the earlier films – as a foursome – were the best. “Duck Soup” is a thing of beauty every time I see it.

Old Friends
A fabulous novel by Tracy Kidder that I read in college. Touching story about the lives of a group of people living in a nursing home. The way everyone deals with life, death, and daily life is endearing and memorable. Great reading.

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