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Daniel Thomas MacInnes

Contact Daniel Thomas MacInnes

Email: danielthomas5@hotmail.com


Send me money or fabulous prizes:
I have a PayPal button on the homepage, but if you would prefer to send something over old-fashioned mail, feel free.

Daniel Thomas MacInnes
2649 Fremont Avenue South #2
Minneapolis, MN USA 55408


Hire me for writing or reviews:
Please contact me via email. I am available for freelance work. Why are you taking movie advice from Larry King? He's like Mikey - he likes everything! And somebody help me get a book agent, so I can get some books published, already!


Hurl Insults or Send me Fan Mail:
I always appreciate and welcome comments regarding anything you read on this website. Please understand that I can't always respond personally to everyone, but I'll do what I can.