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Frequently Asked Questions about DanielThomas.org
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DanielThomas.org?

Who am I? I am a writer and visual artist; like many creative types, I wanted a website that served as a home to my creative work, and so this arts and entertainment webzine was born.

The purpose of this site is to share my art, my writings, and my political leanings, as well as advance my career; I'm eager to find work as a writer and author.

I studied web design and created this site myself, using Dreamweaver MX and Paint Shop Pro. Things are always being tweaked and redesigned for your viewing pleasure.

Except for the time I put that Mr. Potato Head picture on the Contact page. That was just for kicks.


What is found on this site?

Very simply: art and writing. I'm a creative type; that means I can't be disiplined enough to get my act together and focus on something. So you get punished by all the junk I throw at you. Art galleries, including most art I've created since 1998; movie reviews; game reviews; a bunch of Advance Wars custom-made maps; a couple of strategy guides for an old Sega Genesis


What are the different sections?

Home Page -- The home page includes the latest updates: film reviews and game reviews, and my (mostly) political weblog. Just click the upper-left corner of any page, and you'll return to the homepage.

Gallery -- The comprehensive online gallery of my artwork since 1998. Over 200 pages, spread across 9 sections, with more paintings and sections added whenever I can get off my butt.

ArtDisk -- The ArtDisc is a CD-ROM of artwork; a great idea I came up with to distribute my work cheaply. Not merely a disk of pictures, these albums are packaged like music CDs and sold to the public.

Pop -- Film and videogame reviews. I also have some custom maps I created for Advance Wars 2, and two extensive strategy guides for Herzog Zwei. Did I already mention that?

Contact -- Send me an e-mail, hire me for writing assignments, inquire about art purchases, send apple pies.

Faq -- You're looking at it, genius.

Sitemap -- A simple text site map for the entire website.


Are Your Paintings For Sale?

Yes, of course. Please send me an email - via the Contact page - and I'll get back to you. If a piece is no longer available, I will specify on that painting's page.

The Digital Paintings are not for sale at this time. I discovered that they were created at too low a resolution to be printed. 300 dots-per-inch is the minimum if you want to print your artwork, something I wan't aware of at the time. Which really sucks, because I have had offers to buy some of the Digital ones.


Is Your ArtDisc For Sale?

I think there are still a handful of copies of the first CD lying around somewhere. If you really want a copy (for the nostalgia value, I guess), send me an email. Other than that, no. But what's the point, really? You're already here for free.

On that last point, see below.


Do You Have a PayPal Account?

Yes! Hai! Oui! Si! Damn straight! That about covers everyone.

The Paypal button is on the Home page. a squarish white button, just above the "external links." Send me money. Lots of money. "Pretty please with cherry on top" wa Nihongo de doo imasu ka?


Don't You Have Any Better FAQ Questions?

Well, genius, what questions do you want? Give me some good questions and I'll put answer them here. They couldn't be any more stupid than the ones I came up with.