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Ecclesiastes 12
1999 - Acrylics and Correction Fluid on Canvas

Ecclesiastes 12, is, of course, from The Bible. Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books of the Old Testament; words of wisdom from the man who had everything before losing it all. Like Job, it deals with issues and themes that are darker and less black-and-white. This is a book that gets into the marrow of life, as the author examines himself and the world around him; looking back at his life, he finds his what he has achived (and what he has become) sorely lacking, but reveals a deeper spiritual understanding behind it all. Needless to say, this isn't the part of the Good Book that gets quoted a lot by America's Religious Right. But never mind them; just get with your holy books and start spreading some goodness.

Actually, this is one of my favorite acrylic paintings. The whole bag of tricks (circa 1999) are there, from the house paint (it's cheap!) to the gold spray paint to the liquid paper for accent. I've compared these works to a rock band, with a few instruments (colors/textures) that play their parts and fit together as a whole. I suspect that is why I like these paintings more than, say, the Watercolors.

This painting has since been sold. Sorry, kids.