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The Big Black Divers Revisited
2001 - Coloring Book with Crayons

Divers Revisited was a no-brainer choice when it came time to make the album cover for Am I a Genius Yet? This is probably my favorite crayon drawing of the whole damn bunch; it demonstrates perfectly what you can do with the medium.

I found this coloring book of famous abstract paintings of the 20th Century, including works by Picasso, Klee, Mondrian, Leger (well, duh), Matisse, Miro, and so on. I thought this was a wonderful way to expose children to a form of high art which is, quite frankly, more in tune with their sensibilities than the adults. This gives me the opportunity to revisit the past via my own lens; look to Woman in Native Costume Revisited for another example.

This piece is made entirely with crayons, and was carefully and meticulously assembled over one feverish evening at a coffeeshop at the University of Minnesota. I wanted to interpret the original artwork through my own style and sense of color. I was also fortunate in that this particular page centered the original frame; the added empty space was just the thing I needed. This piece couldn't work without it.