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A Love Supreme A Tribute to Jasper Johns   Benediction Circuit Boards Circuit Boards, part II   Conformity is Cowardice  


A collection of digital paintings, created on computer and boasting strong color and amazing detail.

Click on any one of the thumbnail pictures to visit a painting.

Conformity is Cowardice (the Stryper Sucks Mix) Epiphany   Dissent and Discord Dissent and Discord, part II Dissent and Discord, part III  
Duct Tape My Mind Duct Tape My Mind, part II Duct Tape My Mind, part III Duct Tape My Mind, part IV Grated Wall Grated Wall, part II  
Grated Wall, part III Grated Wall, part IV Happiness is Slavery Happiness is Slavery, part II Happiness is Slavery, part III  
Ignorance is Strength Ignorance is Strength, part II Ignorance is Strength, part III Introspection Metal
Metal, part II Metal, part III Metal, part IV