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Digital Artwork 2004
Arigatoo Gozaimasu Arigatoo Gozaimasu, part II   A Zest For Life A Zest For Life, part II Haru Ni   Haru Ni, part II  


The 2004 series of digital paintings, created on computer and looking stronger than ever.

Click on any one of the thumbnail pictures to visit a painting.

Akiyama Akiyama, part II Akiyama, part III   Haru Ni, part III Haru Ni, part IV  
Akiyama, part IV Akiyama, part V Akiyama, part VI Nanji Desu Ka Nanji Desu Ka, part II Haru Ni, part V
Midori Midori, part II Midori, part III Nanji Desu Ka, part III Nanji Desu Ka, part IV