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The Worst Painting You Ever Saw in Your Life
2000 - Coloring Book with Crayons

When you see much of the shock value that passes as high art these days (elephant dung on canvas, for example), you need a healthy dose of punk-rock irreverance. Much of what I've done as an artist is to inject some sense of fun and deflate the bloated egos of those around me. So I end up hacking together abstract crayon drawings and smart-alec names.

You just know this will be worth millions at Sotheby's one day.

In any event, this is a colorful piece that I enjoyed creating on the bus. Perhaps it works better to think of all ten Georges as a complete set; when you see all of these together you appreciate the diversity in color and composition.

And, oh, that title is a nice one, too. Artists shouldn't take themselves so seriously.