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Barbarella, My Love
1999 - Mixed Media

December 18, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most popular page on the DanielThomas website. From the over 500 individual pages - galleries, closeups, and so on - Barbarella consistently receives the most hits.

Hmm, I wonder why? I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count.

One obvious reason is the Barbarella name, which comes from the cult sci-fi movie starring Jane Fonda. There are a suprising number of sites on the internet devoted to that picture, which is a little surprising to me because, truth be told, I've yet to see it.

This piece, like the whole Models series, was contructed by hand. If done today, this would obviously be Photoshop'd, and no doubt it would look polished and professional. However, I consciously wanted these pieces to look a little roughshod. I wanted you to see the stitches holding everything together, that it was artificial.

Perhaps this was a bit of commentary on our pop-driven culture. I honestly cannot say. I suspect that you will draw your own conclusions. Then again, I suspect that you're only here to ogle and drool like teenagers.

If you enjoy this Barbarella, then I'd suggest other portraits in this series, including Victoria's Secrets, Gallery Exposure, The Feminine Mystique, This Chick is Hot! The titles became more tongue-in-cheek as I went along, but the dedication was sincere.