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All Your Base Are Belong to Us   TheCookie Incident   The Cocoanuts   Pigeons   The Great American Sellout  

2000 - 2001

A collection of watercolor paintings created on canvas, a bold new innovation in modern art.

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The Great, Skatepark of Life   Animal Crackers   What You Think of as Beauty is Merely Good-Looking Looks Are the Only Thing That Count
Mario and Luigi are Jerks         My Picnic Was Hijacked by the Anthill Mob
This Smells Like Denny's   Improvisation and the Myth of High Art   The Earl of Usher is Spider-Man There's a Party in My Pants    
You Can Be Loved I Think I'm Starting to Understand Why People Go to the Bathroom in Groups Yoshi Lays an Egg You Know, You're a Nice Girl, but You're as Dumb as a Bag of Rocks The Hollywood Kiss