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Looks Are the Only Thing That Count
2001 - Watercavas with Correction Fluid

Now this is one of my personal favorites. I really enjoyed how I was able to apply several layers of watercolor and bring out some great blending and shading of the color. I was largely impressed with the art direction in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, and thought Capcom did a bang-up job with the look with its heavy comic-book style. Hey, whatever, I'll steal inspiration from just about anywhere.

I really enjoy the bright color tones and variety from the corners. The Liquid Paper centers it all, with all that violent action slashing about. On the B-Side (not pictured here, unfortunately), I attached a number of name tags and wrote my thoughts on my favorite Bob Dylan albums. I think this was something that I put together the night before an art show at a Minneapolis night club called The Lounge. I skipped out on sleep in order to finish everything on time, but it was worth it.

Trivia freaks will note the Prince aften frequents The Lounge, but I honestly don't know if he ever had a chance to check out my paintings. Of course, just when would he get that chance? You can't just wander around a crowded night club if you're Prince. Especially in Minneapolis. After him, Minnesota's most famous celebrity is, what, Jesse Ventura?