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Duck Soup - click for closeup

Duck Soup B-Side - click for closeup

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Duck Soup
1999 - Watercolors and Correction Fluid on Paper

Duck Soup is one of my favorite comedies, so it's natural that I'd end up naming a paiting after it. Come to think of it, I have a lot of stuff named after Marx Brothers movies.

This is another one of my favorite watercolor paintings. It was during this time that I began experimenting with aggressive use of water (translation: trying to destroy everything) that would lead to the Watercanvas works. It all works so wonderfully violent and passionate. The b-side is another one of those grafittit-inspired things, with a monologue from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe;" I saw a production of the Albee play at the Gutherie Theatre starring Patrick Stewart, who was, of course, exemplary. The play was a personal project of his, one that was sidetracked when he accepted the lead in Star Trek back in the late '80s. After Next Generation finished its run, he could return to the stage, which, let's be honest, is far better than some nerdish sci-fi.

This painting is a great smattering of movement and color and action. I was inspired by pictures from microbiology books, which had a certain abstract appeal. I scattered cells and other objects throughout the painting, adding variety to different sections of the paper, different angles, different shapes. There's a mixture of watercolors and charcoals, sometimes the surface was rubbed out, sometimes it wasn't. The lynchpin, yet again, the ever-reliable Liquid Paper.

A great piece of work, overall. It required some time and effort, and that probably shows.

Can I have a grant?