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Back Online Again - Short Update
Tuesday, September 23, 2007 -
7:05m cdt:

I've been focused on writing for my two weblogs, as well as occasionally working on my myspace page and other things. I also wasn't able to update this main site due to connection with the server. Thankfully, that's all taken care of.

Everything you need is still here on the main website. I'll be adding reviews from the blogs to here, as well. And my thanks to everyone who has downloaded my fanzine, V #1. I'll be searching around for the other issues, so stay tuned.


Videogames of the Damned - New Weblog
Tuesday, September 22, 2006 -
12:45am cdt:

For the last year, I've had a games blog at Digital Press, called V - The Next Generation. I'm sad to report that my humble blog is being retired. DP is in the process of completely rebulding their forum software, and this means closing down all the blogs on their site.

Fortunately, I've been banding about for a decent solution, and after setting up a stopgap home at 1UP.com, I've started a new videogames blog at Blogger. Hey, I just love waiting forever for Blogger to upload pictures for the Ghibli blog, so why not double the fun?

The name of my new blog is Videogames of the Damned. I also found this killer Pac-Man template, which couldn't go to waste. Expect more of the same quality (read: spotty) from V.

You can visit Videogames of the Damned by clicking on the ad banner below. Enjoy!


V - Issue 1 Available For Download -
Sean Pettibone Has Died (8/21/76 - 4/20/06)
Sunday, September 3, 2006 -
12:30am cdt:

Way back in 1993 I started a videogame-themed zine called V - The Videogame Experience. It ran for eight issues over the next three years, led to a couple freelance-writing jobs for professional magazines, an appearance on radio (over Joe Lieberman's crusade against games - remember that farce?) trips to Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas and Chicago, and many friends from around America, authors of such zines as Digital Press, Paradox, In Between the Lines, The Laser, MASTERminds, Video Revolution, Video Apocalypse.

You can download the first issue, which came out in March, 1993. It spans 24 pages, includes reviews, several lengthy commentaries, and an extensive walk-through of the NES classic, Simon's Quest. The layout and design took forever to create; even now, I wonder just where the inspiration came from. My artistic abilities were completely latent then, practically non-existent.


I also discovered that one such friend, Sean Pettibone from Michigan, just shy of 30 years, has died this April. He most likely never knew this, but he was a tremendous influence upon me, a 20-year-old kid who never really had any chance to live, and desperate to reinvent himself and connect to the flow of life. Strange, that I was older in years, but not in spirit. Pettibone was my teacher.

I just discovered this sad fact today, almost by blind happenstance. It's a sadness that washes up like the waves, dragging along the sands of my memories, memories long absorbed and log forgotten. Thirty years old. Snap your fingers, children, and it's gone.

Where does it go, these memories of the past? What is the past? Where do we go? No one knows but the mystics or the materialists. Try to determine if the sound at the center of your being is the voice of God Almighty, or the sound of your own voice, without going mad.

So, anyway, I don't wish to drag you all down. In this course of this life, you will be handed some pretty hard blows. We must all face these; first, as those around us pass into the darkness, then, when we follow them.

The spirit of death hangs over this land. We must be mindful. I can do nothing but pray, meditate, and weep.

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