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Advance Wars 2 Custom Maps
Candland Sucks - click for closeup

Advance Wars 2 is the excellent strategy game for the Gameboy Advance.

Here are some multiplayer maps that I created with the game's custom map editor. Share and enjoy!


Candyland Sucks
(click for closeup)

Players: 4 - Bases: 8 - Ports: 3
Extras: 2 subs, 1 lander, 8 cities, 4 missile silos.

Candyland Sucks is a perefct example of my ideal multiplayer map. An intense 4-player map that skips all the boring preperation and jumps right into the fighting.

What's unique: Notice that each side starts with six factory bases, with only two on their home island. The other four factories are scattered across the various island chains.

This has a number of advantages. First, there's no wasting the first four or five turns building up infantry, capturing terrirory, and moving them into position. Each island houses factories for up to three players.

Naval vessels: Each player also begins with 1 Lander and 2 Submarines. This presents several different strategies for you. Do you want to sink the other players' Landers, sneak up on their Subs, or cut off waterways and play defense? It's really up to you, and that's what I wanted to offer.

Fog of War: The Subs are also vitally important in Fog of War, thanks to their long range of vision. Of course, you could hunt down opposing subs, but it's always a risky venture (you'll also burn a ton of fuel). Choices, choices. Note that the water maze should allow you to escape almost any situation; and, yeah, I was thinking of Pac-Man.

Multiple fronts: Because your factories are scattered about, you have to deal with several fronts at once. You have to be careful with spending your money properly. Should you ignore one island to defend territory in another? Should you try to keep an opponent tied down, and steal his bases? And will you be able to reach enough neutral cities to gain a real advantage?

There is a balance that can be disrupted if one player loses his precious factories, or worse, their home island is unprotected. And no matter the advantage on person has over another, everyone has to cross the water and face those Subs.

High Harbor: High Harbor is the one island chain that is uninhabited. It also happens to house four neutral cities, and four Missile silos. Given the tight balance on this map, these are some valuable prizes.

The territory is far enough away so no one can reach it early in the game. And the island is designed so the Missiles - the best part - are tucked away in the back. Everybody wants to go to High Harbor.

Got any cigarettes?


Detail of Candyland Sucks

Download Map Pack #1
(featuring maps 1 - 3)


Candyland Sucks
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